A Career Research & Planning Centre

Over the years, it has been observed, analysed and concluded that career identification and selection for students & parents is complex, challenging arduous and generates confusion & doubt in minds. Clarity in choosing academic pursuit is rare, but despite this, self assurance & approval is solicited even by top ranking students & their parents who have achieved high status in their profession or business world. Seldom do students & parents take an independent & right decision for adopting a future vocation which one would like to work for till their retirement. Unless correctly done working in disoriented, undesired functions can lead to mid life or mid career crises, by which time it is too late to change career tracks. We have felt the need to help students & parents whereby through extensive research and thorough interaction latent talent can be identified and academic selection can be forecasted.

We have therefore set up this organization to:

1. Career counseling
Assist students of high school, junior college & graduates, who are on the cross roads of their career to help them identify their latent talent to choose academics best suited to their unidentified & inherent strength & aspirations.

2. Skill development for competitive exams
Assist students to upgrade their skills to undertake competitive entrance exams in their identified academic field of pursuit.

3. Skill development for employment in government service
Assist students who have completed their academic studies and are desirous to undertake competitive exams to pursue their employment in government service.

4. Skill development for employment in private service
Assist students who have completed graduation / post-graduation studies & are desirous to upgrade their skills to take employment in specific vacation in industry / private service

5. Immigration help desk & advisory service
Offer immigration help desk & advisory services to students opting for higher studies in foreign nation and professionals intending to immigrate for work reasons or for resettlement.

For inquiry / further information send email to www.careerconnexions.in or call on 022-25226225