Secretaries / Executive Secretaries


Secretaries / Executive Secretaries / Personal Assistants / Department Assistants are employed in Industries to support senior personnel in businesses organizations by performing clerical, administrative and organizational support tasks.

Six Months – 5 days a week – Per Day 2 hours

Responsibilities include

1. Greeting clients
2. Scheduling appointments
3. Managing correspondence and preparing reports
4. Administrative tasks

Course content includes
Basic Accounting, Book Keeping & Business Mathematics
Composition, Grammar & Business Communications
Customer service
Interpersonal Relations
Machine Transcription
MS Office - Word, Excel, Power Point and Spread Sheets
Office Administration, Skills & Procedures
Records Management
Short Hand - Keyboarding & Typing – speed attainment of 60 wpm
Secretarial Duties & Procedures
Public Relations / Human Relations
Personality Development - Grooming, Deportment, Etiquette
Time & Work Pressure Management

Rs 40,000.00 + Service Tax as applicable

Graduates and or Post Graduates in any field who are desirous of working for Business Leaders and or functional head's Success in Industry on the concept of for every successful person, there is some one contributing for Success.

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