• Historical Concepts & Practice Of Employing Contact Labour
• Application of Labour Law on - Contact Labour Regulation & Abolition Act, 1971
• Understanding on Contract Of Service & Contract For Service
• Practical issues of dispensing justice in cases before Courts and Tribunals
• Case Studies on Contract Labour
1. Preamble of the Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act, 1971
2. Who is Contract Worker, Principal Employer, Contractor
3. Registration of Establishment employing Contract Labour
4. Licensing of Contractors / Obligation of Contractor
5. Prohibition of Contract Labour
6. Right of Contract Labour
7. Responsibilities of Principal Employer
8. Prohibition of Employment of Contract Labour
9. Exemption
10.Welfare on Contract Labour
11.Offences / Punishments
12.Powers of Inspectors
13.Records to be maintained & returns to be filed
14. Case Laws

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