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Career Planning is complex & challenging task for students & their parents.

It is our observation & conclusion that students choose their career by default rather than choice. This happens in various ways viz – simply through group discussions amongst colleagues / friends, suggestion by academic leaders of school / colleges, parental aspiration of child’s success,  dictate of family influencers, impact of achievement of industry icons & interference of social counsellors in the neighbourhood.

Inferences of career progression show that there are individuals who have achieved success in their chosen field through combination of factors - passion, perseverance, hard work, risk & luck.

There are several examples where individuals have attained marginal success or have under achieved and or have changed their career tracks, besides, encountering mid career / life crises.

Our conclusion is many such individuals would have achieved better or higher success & satisfaction had they pursued their career by choice.

It is our honest intent & sincere attempt in channelizing our experience, expertise & skill for Career Counselling

To assist students of high school, junior college & graduates, who are on the cross roads of their career to help them identify their latent talent to choose academics best suited to their unidentified & inherent strength & aspirations.

Our career counselling program is a 5 stage format and is as: 

1. Attending Career Aspiration Lectures 

We organise 90 minute interactive sessions which are delivered by Industry icons in various walks of life. Visiting Industry icons will lecture on prospects in their chosen field, high & low points of their career, difficulties, problems & hurdles encountered by them.

This will be followed by question / answer session

There will be series of 20 Lectures. Industry icons would include people from various walks of life like Airlines, Film Making or Politics or Individual Professionals from the field of Architecture, Legal, Medicine or Functional Heads from Industry – Accounts & Finance, Corporate Communication, Engineering, Human Resource, Logistics & Distribution, Production, Quality, Research & Development, Purchase & Procurement, Sales & Marketing etc.


  Student will be subjected to IQ Test administered by competent psychologist & will be counselled based on test results.


   Student will subjected to psychometric test to evaluate his / her latent talent that can be classified into management capabilities or executive competencies or clerical orientation.


 Student will be subjected to personal interview. This will be followed by interviews of his parents, kith & kin, relatives, friend, teachers etc., to appraise him / her for 360 degrees perception & understanding of his personality, traits, skills, aspirations, desertions etc


   Participating students will be taken to outdoor location for 1 Night / 2 Days or 2 Nights / 3 Days and will be subjected to group activities to further analyse their character,traits, skills, temper, behaviour under pressure, unfavourable situations, group dynamics,leadership qualities etc.


 High School, Junior College & Graduate students who are still on the cross roads of their career.


 Participating students can opt for program partly or fully & fees will be as:

1. For Attending Career Aspiration Lectures - Rs 10000.00

2. For Undertaking IQ Test – Rs 5000.00

3. For Undertaking Skill Test – Rs 10000.00

4. For Undertaking IQ Test & Skill Test – Rs 12500.00

5. For Full Program – Rs 40000.00

Service Tax will be additional @ 12.36 % on fees

For Inquiry / Further Information send email to enquiry@careerconnexion.in or call on 022-25226225 / 25276224 / 25283983


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